Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Utah Woman Accuses Mormon Prophet of Attempted Rape

Gayle Smith, a resident of Lehi, Utah has had a very difficult life. In a startling revelation she told this reporter that current Mormon Prophet, Thomas S Monson, attempted to rape her. The alleged event took place when Monson was a married man and the Bishop of Utah congregation.

Gayle stated that a friend of hers lined her up with a "blind date" with Thomas S Monson. The two apparently took a drive up one of Utah's Canyons and there, Monson allegedly tried to force himself on Gayle. She claimed, "He was like a wild animal" as he tore at her clothes. She resisted and he allegedly told her, "Don't you know that I am going to be a big man in the (Mormon) Church one day?

Apparently, she was able to break free from his grasp and exit the car. She started walking home and he followed her in his car, trying to apologize for what had taken place. Finally, she relented, and he apparently drove her home.

Gayle also stated that she and other "victims" stood up at a Stake Center where Thomas S Monson was preaching and "He turned as white as a ghost".

This article is an appeal to any other women, or men, that are currently, or have been victims of sexual abuse at the hands of those in positions of power within the Mormon (LDS Church), Utah politics, or others to come forward so that their story can be told. Email me at


  1. Doesn't surprise me -- he has the kind of personality that likes the babes. How many decades ago was that? My wife sees auras (or used to) and his went up to the ceiling. Biggest one she ever saw. So he's not just some ambitious guy. To have been made a prophet by His Majesty in spite of his weaknesses gives the rest of us more hope, don't you think?

  2. Brad, If someone who has already been sealed in the temple commits adultery, there is no forgiveness, and they should be cast out of the church, no matter how long ago the sin was committed or how big his aura might be.

    Read this scripture & what John Taylor said about it:
    "We are told in the Book of Doctrine and Covenants, 'Thou shalt not commit adultery; and he that committeth adultery, and repenteth not, shall be cast out; but he that has committed adultery and repents with all his heart, and forsaketh it, and doeth it no more, thou shalt forgive; but if he doeth it again he shall not be forgiven, but shall be cast out.'

    This was in the early ages of the Church, in February, 1831. But who is here referred to? Is it a man who has entered into the new and everlasting covenant, and has been sealed by the Holy Spirit of promise, and by that covenant has been united to his wife for time and all eternity, and his wife to him? No, it refers to those who have not entered into this covenant, who have not taken upon themselves obligations of that nature in a Temple or Endowment House; to the latter class who shall be found guilty of this sin, the word of the Lord comes unqualifiedly, they shall be destroyed. The Lord does expect us to be a pure people, a virtuous people, a people whose bodies and spirits are pure before Him. If wrong doing be practiced in our midst, the Lord expects His Priesthood to ferret it out, or He will hold them responsible. We cannot commit sin with impunity. We cannot violate the laws of God and enjoy His Spirit; nor can we permit the laws of God to be trampled upon and still receive His approbation."
    Journal of Discourses 24:171, John Taylor, May 19, 1883

    So plainly, if he was an adulterer & broke his temple covenants, he should not be in the position he was put in today, and if this is true, it wasn't God who put him there.

  3. He always looked so pious and spoke in that soft, Godly voice, with the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing Come, Come ye Saints in the background. Too good to be true. Now he will join the ranks of Jim Bakker, Oral Roberts, and the rest of the ones that Jesus warned us about when He said "Beware, for many will come in My name."

  4. Ah placertogo, this has yet to be proven. The writing is off and surely more information will come forward (if this is indeed true), it is amazing how when someone accuses a person in 'power' everyone believes it without question but if it happened to yourself you would fight it and try and defend yourself.

  5. Manxboz,

    This is only the beginning until the gadiations are weeded out of the church. This is nothing compared to what's really going on behind the scenes. Ted Gunderson, former head of FBI has hundred of case files of LDS leaders practicing luciferian / child molestation / type activities that have been hidden from public view for far too long.

    I personally have seen leaders behind closed doors turn into very different people once out of the public view.

    They are all part of the same masonic / illuminate power control, manipulation, and the LDS church is one of the best at what they do.

    This is only one case of "Attempted" rape which you can not necessarily prove it but I do personally know the accuser who is one of the most sweetest and spiritual women I have ever talked to. Her life has been threatened directly by leaders.

    I am sure the Lord has finally moved upon her to reveal this to the public. It is time he puts his house in order.

  6. Below, I have 2 points to make which I believe are "vital" (imho), or, are of greater importance to the everyday Mormon "mainstreamer" as opposed to better classes of Mormons:

    Point 1) I am a long time friend of Gayle's. If anyone within the mainstream thinks that she made up this story, you would be gravely mistaken. She told me this same story 16 years ago, and not one thing has changed in her story! I had no reason to disbelieve her then, nor now. "Better" classess of Mormons (than the mainstream) are far more aware that mortal leaders are not gods, cannot be totally relied on, can in fact "lead astray" exactly as early Mormon leaders taught, Joseph even saying, "the church can fail", (Teachings of the Prophet Joseph Smith), he and other early leaders saying a lot more on that fact or topic! ( Of course, these teachings are never discussed by the mainstream whose literal 'faith' is in mortal leaders personified as gods, i.e. "CANNOT lead astray". If their faith were not predominantly in mortals instead of in God, then they would not come so angry and proud when you suggest that today's leaders are not true prophets. If their faith were truly in God, the idea would not bother them in the least. It doesn't bother me a bit, since I endeavor to "get the truth of ALL THINGS through the power of the Holy Ghost". If you cannot learn to put your faith in the Godhead alone, to verify the truth of all doctrine, then you will in fact be lead astray by the "precepts of men." Mortal leaders do NOT and will never replace the Holy Ghost's manifestations or verifications of truth to the soul, yet the mainstream are well conditioned to blindly follow every spoken word by their mortal false gods they have been conditioned to worship by way of the oft preached precepts of men today within the church! )

    Point 2) There are a sub-human class of people (perhaps a different species altogether :oD ) out there who are just simply Mormon 'haters'. They seek to do anything and everything possible to destroy Christ's true church. There is a world of difference between such persons and classes of Mormons better than the mainstream class. THE POINT: Gayle's story does not come from haters of Mormondom, it comes from a class of devoted Mormons better than the mainstream, a class who believe that all things of darkness -- including false doctrine -- should be exposed, exactly as the D&C admonishes us to do! The mainstream had better learn to 'think for themselves', study and put faith in original doctrine, instead of being sheep, shying away from and being embarrased by true original Mormon doctrines, and afraid to appear 'peculiar' to the world around them.

  7. To all blindly-obedient sheep:
    Besides Ted Gunders documented files, everyone should read "Paper Dolls" a true story of systematic, trauma-based "sex rings" in two prominent SLC neighborhoods; one led by "an apostle's daughter and son-in-law" who was involved in banking. I know a girlfriend of one of the girls that was abused in this true account.
    Then, everyone should be aware of Presiding Bishop, Glen L. Pace's leaked Interoffice Memo to the Strengthening the Member's Committee (ex'd all of the intellectuals)... He discloses that Satanic Ritual Abuse/Sex Abuse (much like in the Catholic church) by very high level LDS church leaders goes on as corroborated and reported by 60 independent witnessess and could easily have been hundreds or thousands if more time was available.
    This corresponds to Cathy OBrien's witnessed account contained in "TranceFormation of America" told by Senator Byrd where the Catholic "Pope" and LDS "Prophet" fully support the systematic, sex abuse for CIA MKUltra mind control purposes (as exposed by Senator Frank Church in Congressional Hearings in 1977)to "bring about the Millennial Peace" to make all members blindly obedient and "perfect." (All is Well In Zion flattery)
    Howard W. Hunter disclosed before his untimely death about the serious BLOOD OATH all leaders take similar to the Masonic blood oath required in all LDS temples for loyalty to the brethren and image of the church OVER truth and over GOD!
    BTW, Gail told me about this regarding Monson over seven years ago, this happened to one other woman who has also been threatened her life. Gail's her story has NOT changed! She is telling the truth. I love the original (unaltered) Book of Mormon and recognize its warnings about having a "money changer" and "King" leadership position with the Judges and Lawyers all bought-off/"secret combinations". The Cleansing of the Lord's House IS upon us! "No more secrets" so the "brethren are in an uproar" as told to me by another inside "elect"...
    During the first seven years of the church there was NO polygamy, NO Masonry (Satanic blood oath: Moses 5:29), women and Blacks held the priesthood equal to men, and the Book of Mormon was pure and precious; unaltered with the true identity of Jesus Christ as God the Eternal Father clearly given (Alma 11:23-40, Mosiah 15:1-5, Ether 3:14), etc.
    Joseph Smith was warned “against following his own will and CARNAL DESIRES” or HE would FALL! Looks like Monson better apply this to his own actions and REPENT!

  8. Sounds like there are wolves in sheep’s clothing and the power hungry, horny, and prideful wolves are on top ready to take out anyone standing in their way. Garn Baum was one of many that have been taken out. Now on Youtube!

    The internet will not allow the corruption in the church to be continually sweep under the rug!